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H&S@W 1974

Safe Environment

Consult Changes (H&S ICT)

H&S Officer


Take care & Co-operate

Use Protective Equipment

Management of H&S@W 1992

Risk Assessment

Emergency Procedures

DSE / VDU 1992

Assess Risk

Ergonomic Standards


Eye Test


Computer Misuse Act 1990


1.    Unauthorized access to data.

2.    Unauthorized modification of data.

3.    Unauthorized access to data, with the intent commits or facilitate a further crime.


Punishments: 1: £2000 Fine, 6 Months Prison or Both. 2&3: upto 5 years & Fine.



Designs, Copyright and Patents Act 1988


Applies to the implementation of an idea and not the idea itself.

E.g. The idea of a touch screen cannot by patented but the hardware and engineering used to make it can. (Resistive Object / Capacitive Finger)


Applies to (Activities):

·         Copying

·         Renting

·         Lending

·         Broadcasting

Applies on (Products):

·         Books

·         Magazines

·         Music

·         Films

·         Software

Generally 70 yrs after death of author                    20 years for a Patent (EU&US).        Design Right 25 Years


Data Protection Act 1998             (Rees P136)


Protect individuals from having their personal data misused.


  • Data Subject                         -           Who the data is about.
  • Data User                              -           Those who use the data.
  • Data Controller                    -           In charge of data within an organization.
  • Information Commissioner -           Government body that enforces the act


The eight principals of the act:


    1. fairly and lawfully processed;
    2. processed for limited purpose;
    3. adequate, relevant and not excessive;
    4. accurate and up-to-date;
    5. not kept longer than necessary;
    6. processed according to data subjects rights;
    7. secure;
    8. not transferred outside EU without adequate protection.