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GCSE in ICT aims to encourage the exploration and study of ICT in a variety of contexts: home, community, business, industry, recreation and education. In any given situation, students will be given the opportunity to acquire competence, ability and critical skills through the implementation, use and evaluation of a range of ICT systems.

Paper 1: Written paper

50% 1H30M, 14-May-2018, 9:00 AM

Content overview:

    1.     Hardware: Input, Storage & Output
    2.     Software
    3.     Communications, networks & the internet
    4.     Applications and effects of ICT

Paper 2: Practical paper

50%, 3H, 14/05/2018, 1:30 PM

Content overview:
        1.     DTP/Word Processing Software (DTP/WP)
        2.     Web Authoring Software (WA)
        3.     Spreadsheet Software (SS)
        4.     Database Software (DB)
        5.     Presentation Software (PS)
        6.     Art/Imaging and Graphics Software (AG)

     Paper Data
     Practical Sample 2011 Sample 2011 Data Files
     Practical June 2011 June 2011 Data Files
     Practical June 2012 June 2012 Data Files
     Practical June 2013  June 2013 Data Files
     Practical June 2014 June 2014 Data Files