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Safety and security of data in ICT systems

The need to protect data in ICT systems.
  • privacy of data in ICT systems 
  • legislation and regulations to protect data 
  • commercial and intrinsic value of data.
Internal and External threats
  • Employees: Most Threats come from within e.g. selling data or corporate espionage 
  • Human Error: Store paper securely, shred paper, loss of media, log out/lock pc 
  • Virus / Spyware: delete data / monitor data. E-mail or (editable) media 
  • Natural Disaster: Flood, Fire, Earthquake etc.malpractice and crime.
when an employee goes against a company code of practice. E.g. not logging off allowing unauthorised access. 

an individual or organisation that breaks the law. E.g. unauthorized access to a computer system

Protecting ICT systems:
  • Hardware measures: No CD/DVD and USB disabled, Physical Locks, Cameras, ID Cards, Alarms, Biometric Logins, Restricted Room Access. 
  • Software measures: Login, Access Rights (Read-Only), Anti-Virus, Firewall, Encryption, Screen Saver, Network Filter (Keyword, White/Black Lists) 
  • Procedures: Regular password change, log out/lock pc, Staff Induction Training & Back- up Procedures. These are part of a company’s ICT code of practice, induction training and or employees contract. They will also include disciplinary procedures.