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Data & Information

Raw Facts and Figures that’s has No Context or Meaning. E.G. Binary 01010011

(Processed) Data with Context or Meaning. E.G. Output for Humans.

Data can be in different forms including text, still and moving images, numbers and sound.

The shortening of data by assigning a code.
E.G. Male = M

Converting data into a machine readable form.
E.G. A = 0100 0001

When data is converted into information.
E.G. Calculations, Sorting and Queries.

Quality of Data
  • Up to Date e.g. Wrong delivery address 
  • Accurate e.g. Amount of bank loan 
  • Complete e.g. Criminal checks for jobs 
  • Reliable Source e.g. Wikipedia or BBC ?? 
  • Relevant e.g. Company Sales to calculate individual bonus?? 
User Characteristics
  • Physical: Height for ATM or Finger Size for Touch Screen 
  • Environment: Marine Biologist - Waterproof 
  • Experience: Complexity of Interface CLI vs NUI 
  • Task: EPOS: Automatic Input. Chip & Pin