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Sample Work

Have a Cover and Contents page 
Header with Name, Centre (11273) & Candidate #
Footer with Page numbers
Should be 10 – 20 Pages.

Problem Identification
  • Problem Background of organization and situation;
  • Who is the client and their role in the organization?
  • The user and the audience of the system;
  • Other interested people and their roles;
  • User skills;
  • What is the existing system, why is it being replaced?
  • What is required of the new system? Input, Process, Output
  • Who will be involved in the development process: managers, users, technical staff, how will it be used, when and how?

Test Plan with annotated Evidence
15+ Tests: i.e. 5 System e.g. Open form 10 Program tests e.g. Validation

In the test plan include:
  • Test Description: Validation? Normal, Extreme or Erroneous
  • Data used: Data type?
  • Expected Outcome: What should happen
  • Actual Outcome: Show evidence, screenshot
  • Corrective action: Show evidence, screenshot

Review Paper Questions INFO1 Section B
INFO1 Section B
Sample Work Resources