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Background and investigation

The Project Report Should IncludeAmplification
An introduction to the organisation.This should include the type and purpose of the organisation, and give an idea of its size and scale of operation. The student’s contact within the organisation should be identified.
A description of the current system (or existing situation) and its environment.Moving down in scale to describe the system (or existing situation) within the organisation/for the organisation, which is under investigation. The people/departments involved.
 Identification of client and users.Who is it for? Clear identification of client, users and audience if necessary.

N.B. It is likely that there is one client, but multiple users. At this level of study, it is expected that this will be the case.

A business case (reasons) for change.Why the project is needed by the organisation.
Evidence of the use of relevant investigation techniques. Evidence of, for example, planning, conducting, documenting and evaluating meetings with clients, interviews, observation, questionnaires, research as appropriate. (See the Teacher Resource Bank.)
Requirements of the clientWhat is the proposed system to provide?