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Analysis and deliverables

The Project Report Should IncludeAmplification
Statement of scope.

This should include any internal or external constraints on the proposed system. These may include hardware, communication technologies, software, format of external information requirements, staffing and environmental factors.

Description of the proposed system.

This may take various formats but should include the benefits for, and likely impacts on, the organisation.
 Documentation of processes. Again, the format for the documentation is not fixed but should be appropriate to the system being analysed.
 Description of the users of the proposed system. Details of the skills of the users of the proposed system, appropriate to the system.
 Evaluation criteria. Both quantitative and qualitative criteria against which the solution can be tested and evaluated. These should be derived from the requirements of the client.
 Agreed deliverables. What is to be produced and handed over to the client?
This may be a prototype system or a partial system.
 Evidence of checking the findings with the client. Findings must be presented in such a way as to be understandable to the client.