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Computing is of enormous importance to the economy, and the role of Computer Science as a discipline itself and as an 'underpinning' subject across Science and Engineering is growing rapidly.
Our GCSE Computer Science course gets students working with real-world, practical programming techniques that give them a good understanding of what makes technology work.

Component 1 – Practical programming

Approximately 50 hours of controlled assessment                         60% of the marks                                27 March 2015
(2 tasks of 25 hours each)

Working independently students demonstrate their ability to code a solution to a given problem. The tasks will be set in engaging and relevant contexts, eg gaming, web, mobile phone applications.

Component 2 – Computing fundamentals

1 hour 30 minutes                                                                       40% of the marks                                 1h 30m     03 June 2015     am

All questions will be compulsory and will be taken from across the subject content.
This component will include a range of types of questions from very short to extended answer.


Reading List

AQA GCSE Computer Science
Author: Alison Page
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 978-1-4085-2161-8